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Golden asian arowana

Looking for the gold standard for your aquarium? Meet the Asian arowana , the unofficial Lamborghini of the sea—and the most expensive aquarium fish in the world. These dragonfish are particularly revered in China, where the freshwater pets are status symbols—and cost a pretty penny. That fish was said to have commanded top dollar as a prized albino version, and other arowanas reportedly fetch tens of thousands of dollars. That the coveted species is endangered only adds to its intrigue some people have been arrested for smuggling them. These fish cause such a frenzy that sometimes they have their own motorcades for transport and their own bodyguards, according to Busines s Insider.
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Golden asian arowana
Golden asian arowana
Golden asian arowana
Golden asian arowana
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Arowana DragonFish - Golden Back Asian Arowana

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Types of Asian Arowana Fish. Other Asian Arowana Fish. Asian Arowanas are found in South East Asia region. They can grow up to 36" in wild but usuall grow only to 24" in captivity. It is an endangered species and hence illegal to import or even own one in some countries.
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