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Irina Makarova. Size: Original painting by Irene Makarova. My works are in many collections around the world! On the one hand, this is a woman who relies on herself, she stays at the basis of her fate.
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Water Serpents I is not an oil painting, and its pale, unusual colouring is in part dictated by the medium used. It does not differ much from the preliminary drawings that Klimt used for reference, apart from the addition of the gold paint, and the green and gold-leaf thread entangled around the women's bodies. The unambiguously lesbian embrace of his models would perhaps have been unacceptable had it been presented as a straight portrait. However, by renaming the work and giving it an allegorical theme and by adding the fish-like serpent behind the bodies and adorning every surface with gold and pattern, Klimt was able to show the painting to Vienna without fear of censorship. The basic genres of Klimt's art remained unchanged up to the time of his death - portraits, landscapes, and allegories. In his last period, however, these familiar genres were treated with greater expression of feelings and the picutures became less abstract. Human types were no longer disguised in the context of myth or fairy tale.
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Discover all the possible explanations as to why you might be having snake dreams. In a situation where the snake is chasing you or biting you in your dream, this is a warning to be aware of your surroundings, Bowman says. Specifically, you might have some betrayal or infidelity on your hands.
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Simply put, there is something about snakes that inspires our worst fears and greatest dreams. Maybe it's their graceful way of moving, their cool, dispassionate gaze, the smoothness of their scales. Maybe it's the fangs, the way they flick their tongues, or the way they wrap tightly around you in a kind of slinky hug. Maybe it's their suggestive shape , or the fact that they're inherently dangerous , even if they can't actually hurt you.
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